The Remnant Archive is a magazine and community focusing on bridging the gap between art and access, which is based in India but loved all over the world. Touching upon the themes of literature, art and culture, we have built ourselves as a platform that shines a light on marginalized writers and artists with a strong rootedness in the culture of the global south.

Since the potential to be affected and to effect lies inherently in our collective culture, we look at creativity beyond just art and literature and view it as a reflection of immanent politics: the capacity to transform itself, others, and the world. Over the last 2 years, we have published hundreds of writers and artists across the world and continue to engage with our 15k+ organic audience through our social media channels. 

The Remnant Archive is an all women-run organization with a dedicated team of editors, volunteers and guest-writers based in India, Spain, Pakistan and elsewhere in the world. The Remnant Archive lays its foundation in working with diverse artists on authentic and unique pieces with fresh perspectives. With our collective love for poetry and prose, we wish to create a community of readers and artists from across the Global South.

Our story

The Remnant Archive has originally been started by three Women of Colour.
It was established as a platform where we could be true to literature and ourselves. We wanted to build a literary space where radical self-acceptance is encouraged. We hold a special place in our hearts for issues regarding mental health and underrepresented female voices.

This is a safe place for all the supposedly outcasted people who do not identify themselves within any bracket or are differently-abled. We appreciate, rather encourage submissions from South Asian diaspora artists.