We at The Remnant Archive are elated to announce the launch of Almirah-Alvida, a chapbook encompassing intriguing and visually appealing pieces spun around themes like art, longing, and nostalgia, carefully crafted by Siddharth Dasgupta (@citizen.bliss on Instagram)

Click the image to access the chapbook!

About Us

The Remnant Archive is an online journal comprising features on literature, art and history. It currently includes a biannual literary magazine and a column of weekly produced zines.

We, at The Remnant Archive, prioritize the authenticity of one’s creative conceptions and strongly believe in presenting our work with moral ethics. The primary purpose of the journal is to create a community of artists and readers with a common love of all things poetry and prose.

The journal doesn’t have any specific restrictions on genre and caters to works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, alike. To submit, please check our submission guidelines for each genre.

Our story

The Remnant Archive has originally been started by three Women of Colour.
It was established as a platform where we could be true to literature and ourselves. We wanted to build a literary space where radical self-acceptance is encouraged. We hold a special place in our hearts for issues regarding mental health and underrepresented female voices.

This is a safe place for all the supposedly outcasted people who do not identify themselves within any bracket or are differently-abled. We appreciate, rather encourage submissions from South Asian diaspora artists.