Kashvi Chandok, Editor-in-Chief

Kashvi Chandok is an independent editor and writer based in New Delhi, India. Being part of the editing industry for more than 5 years, she has been published with several award-winning literary magazines including Rust and Moth literary journal, The Bombay Literary Magazine, The Lit Quarterly and the Rights Collective amongst others.

For Kashvi, language is often a subversive tool for mapping political and spatial divisions, as well as a foundation on which segmentation of individual existence is explored.
Her involvement in research, journalism, and narrative fiction- all of which have been so closely interwoven throughout her formal education in literature-exposed her to the acute functionality of politics in the literature we consume. This understanding governs her career trajectory as she navigates being a writer and social impact practitioner working with United Nations, civil societies and impact organizations to facilitate adequate policy interventions for marginalized communities.

She finds particular pleasure in reading poems and narrative nonfiction essays which present structures that are significant in their resemblance to real life, both as a product of, and in opposition to existing social conditions. For her, The Remnant Archive has been a life-long dream of providing writers and artists a space that does not conform to western ideas of art but rather looks at these forms from a decolonised and constantly evolving lens.

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Nehal Lala, Founding Editor

Nehal Lala (she/her) is a Philosophy major at the University of Delhi. She is a mental health enthusiast and is always up for an engaging conversation on art, language, and literature.
Being a Psychology aspirant, she has a strong inclination towards studying the discipline’s intersection with other social sciences. At present, she is taking training under an established therapist and has previously interned with NPOs such as Light Up (EMF) in the field of Social Emotional Learning. Additionally, she has completed a certificate course on Gender Studies from the University of Delhi, and also holds intermediate proficiency in French.

She has been a part of the writing and editing industry since 2019 and is currently heading the English Creative Writing Society of her college as a part of extracurricular activities.

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Arshiya Mahajan, Head of Communications

Arshiya is a Literature graduate from the University of Delhi. She is a marketing executive and a social media strategist with a deep-rooted interest in observing how various demographics work.

As a global media and communications enthusiast, Arshiya primarily focuses on strategising on how to reach more audiences, writers, and readers to facilitate our goal of being able to build a community wherein everyone is provided with a platform to exercise their creative freedom. Owing to her interest in the digital media industries, she is always on the lookout for new developments on TRA’s website, and social media that’ll make its digital presence grow. Her experience after having worked with 10+ startups and their branding at an initial stage, helps her with the same.

For Arshiya, writing has been the one thing that helps her create a world of her own whereas reading helps her enter someone else’s world and get a broader perspective on things. She loves reading fictional pieces of work and will appreciate anything that gives her a break from how the real world functions. Don’t we all?

In her free time, you’ll find her obsessing over pretty cafes, Delhi’s culture, and consuming unhealthy amounts of caffeine while she obsesses over TRA’s social media (which you should immediately check out).

Reach out to her on LinkedIn for any TRA related ideas and queries here.

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Shubhangi Thakur, Head of Digital Media

Shubhangi is a penultimate-year dental student who feels very fortunate to be able to care for people in their most vulnerable moments. She has extensively volunteered and committed her time to various social impact and climate change justice groups, including UNITE 2030, ThinkOcean Society, Teach for India, and PeaceFromPieces, among others. As a result, she is deeply committed to and has actively contributed to, the eradication of educational inequities, environmental change, healthcare, gender equality, and fostering of a culture of peace, particularly through the UN SDGs framework.

She sees arts as an emerging force for sustainable development since they have the transformative capacity of taking massive concepts of global transformation and translating them into a consumable manner for society. For her, TRA is a conduit of change, reflecting themes of progress, representation, revolution, freedom, and creativity. In the pursuit of her love for arts and literature, she is navigating how they can strengthen empathy and bring us up close to the core of it all—our shared humanity—becoming critical enablers in extending awareness and accelerating action on our century’s top concerns.

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Shubha Bhatt, Programs Associate

Shubha (she/her) is a final year student of History at Miranda House, University of Delhi. She finds so much of the world within and around her by engaging in the interplays of images and text. She is drawn to creative practices based on memory and material, the city and historical reproduction and transformation of space(s). 

Shubha has also been actively working with digital publishing spaces on the intersections of art, history and social research. She believes in TRA’s commitment to engaging with art in experiential and interactive ways with the expanding community of writers, artists and culture enthusiasts. In doing so, she holds that TRA is moving away from the mainstream portrayals that tend to dictate who gets to access art or be an artist. She is now working to incorporate the visions of the organisation by conceptualising and creating impactful projects on the ground that are aimed at archiving personal histories.

Her works have been published in The Remnant Archive, Femme Fridays, and The BlueQuill Anthology Issue 2 amongst others.


Instagram: @shubhaa_9