*Submissions open*

The Remnant Archive is committed to welcoming new voices and delightfully accepts submissions from everyone, especially women and non-binary individuals, members of the LGBTQIA community, and BIPOC.


Creative Nonfiction

We are big fans of contemporary non-fiction, especially ideas which are based on the intersection of social reflection and literature. Under creative nonfiction, you can write about various themes of politics, sociology, history and the role of literature in them. For example, you can base a piece on the influence of language regionalism in literature across India/the globe. Finding an intersection between art and the portrayal of women in them, writing about partition remembrance or the play of scent in conceiving nostalgia of a place are just a few examples.

We’d love for you to write compositions that helped you be yourself and find relevance. We’d really love it if you chose an issue that’s more personal to you since we always encourage our writers to channel their true inner voice.

Tell us what makes it special for you, how it moved you, made you a different person. Don’t be afraid of experimenting and including a personal voice.

What does creative non-fiction consist of:

-) Personal Narrative essays: (800-1500 words)

-) Commentary pieces: ( 600-1000 words)

1. Society and Culture
2. Lifestyle
3. History
4. Art & Cinema

-) Travel & Memoirs ( 500-1000 words)

-) Reviews: Books, Cinema, documentaries, art, art events, gallery openings (500-800 words)

-) Visual stories (a maximum of 6 photographs)


-) Flash fiction ( max 1000 words)

-) Prose (400-600 words)


  1. Send us a pitch in about 400 words or less about the theme that you’d like to write on at Please answer the following questions in your pitch clearly

-) Why is this essay/composition piece relevant to you
-) What is the particular incident that has led you to write the story? Please mention the category that you see the story getting published under, at TRA
-) How do you see readers reacting/ relating/ perceiving it?
-) Anticipated word count

  1. Try to include relevant sub-headings for longer pieces
  2. For commentary pieces, please include a strong personal comment
  3. Simultaneous submissions are welcome but please let know if the pitch gets accepted elsewhere
  4. We prefer previously unpublished material, but may accept previously published material aslong as authors own its copyright and provide appropriate attribution
  5. TRA is not a paying market currently however we do wish to monetarily compliment our writers in future. If you wish to help TRA sustain its operations, please consider visiting the donation option on the website.

*If you are sending a work of fiction, there is no need for a pitch. Please attach the piece in a word document and send it directly.


  • All written content being submitted for publication should be emailed as a Microsoft Word attachment. 12-point Times New Roman is preferred.
  • Include the following in the email body:
    ○  Name (as you would like printed)
    ○  Email address
    ○  3rd person bio (limit to 100 words)
    ○  Optional – Author website and other social media links
  • Your email’s subject line should be “Pitch: genre” followed by your name. (i.e., “Pitch: Personal Essay – Kashvi Chandok”).
  • If your submission includes sensitive themes, please mark it with a Content Warning (CW) and/or Trigger Warning (TW) WITH subject in both the email body AND before the title of the piece (i.e. CW/TW: abuse).